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Tip - Add Syntax highlighting for PowerShell Code

There are lot of ways to add syntax highlighting to the PowerShell code in your blog, see the post by MVP Francios Xavier-Cat.

I just happened to come across one more which is pretty easy to use and best part is it uses a PowerShell module to do so.

Follow the below steps :
  1. Download the Copy to Colorized HTML module and put the extracted copy in your Modules directory.
  2. Add the below code to your ISE Profile, which will add a submenu and the "Ctrl+Shift+C" shortcut to copy the HTML content in your clipboard. 

$psISE.CurrentPowerShellTab.AddOnsMenu.Submenus.Add(“Copy As Colorized HTML”,{Copy-ColorizedHTML},“Ctrl+Shift+C”| Out-Null

The module has a single cmdlet called "Copy-ColorizedHTML" which copies the HTML content in your clipboard for use.

Once the content is copied to your clipboard just paste it to your blog.

NOTE - This method can also be used to while authoring an article for Technet Wiki.

see the animated GIF below:

Enjoy !

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